Beads in May

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Don't Fear the Bead

Hey, welcome to the AQLM Blog. Thoughts, notes, wishes, contemplations, requests for Ted to change his shirt...anything at all.

We will begin with a poem.....

When they began to pump Swope’s septic,
It made me utterly dyspeptic.
My stomach slid down a slippery slope,
Induced by Swope; confused by Swope, gone is all hope.
Indigestive cramps consumed my day
With pains that even Pepto won’t alay.
Such agony, I think, is now my lot.
It is pink, but I am not. I have forgot
Microscopy, now distant memory,
As are fluorescence and probe chemistry.
Cameras seem chimeras, confocals vocals.
Is this some feverish delusion?
If I survive, I will contrive,
To meet you all at pHusion.


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